Barn Owls

Barn Owls are listed on Schedule 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981; thereby being offered an additional level of protection in addition to that offered to all other nesting birds.

  • A barn owl survey includes an assessment of the structure for its suitability for barn owls and a detailed evaluation of any evidence of barn owl presence; such as droppings, pellets, feathers and eggs. The structure will then be assessed for its importance to barn owls in light of how it is being used as a roost or nest site.

  • Should a barn owl nest or roost site be required to be disturbed, removed of destroyed as part of a development, appropriate mitigation must be designed and provided.

  • We work in adherence to nationally-recognised guidelines, to offer barn owl mitigation solutions that ensure barn owls are not negatively affected by any development.

Please refer to our Ecology Survey Calendar for further information on Barn Owl and other protected species surveys.

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