Tree Survey, Consultation and Planning: Paragraph 55 Home, Ashby St. Ledgers

Tree Survey, Consultation and Planning: Paragraph 55 Home, Ashby St. Ledgers

Project: Tree Survey and Arboricultural Planning Statement for exceptional new Paragraph 55 country house and restoration of historic parkland landscape.

Wharton Natural Adviser: Sam Hobson, Arboricultural Consultant

Scale of project:

The construction of a new Paragraph 55 country house and energy centre. Restoration of 17th Century parkland landscape.

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  • Tree Survey BS5837:2012

  • Tree Constraints Plan

  • Arboricultural Impact Assessment

  • Arboricultural Planning Statement



The new 5 bedroom house is to be constructed on the footprint of the former Ashby lodge, first mentioned in a manor court roll of 1519 and later demolished in 1930.

The site is situated within a vast country estate, and includes large areas of woodland, open parkland and a 14 acre reservoir. The survey identified a significant number of historic and veteran trees throughout the site.

We liaised with the Local Planning Authority and Forestry Commission, finally preparing a detailed Arboricultural Planning Statement to accompany our client's application.

A large area of plantation woodland was to be removed in order to restore the original parkland landscape, while wider broadleaf woodlands will be managed to provide timber, woodfuel and biodiversity benefits. The woodfuel will be used within the Building Management System, combining state-of-the-art technologies in bio-mass, passive thermal heating, in an integrated manner unique to a domestic dwelling in the UK.

Planning consent was granted for the project, and due to the detail and consideration within our initial report, no further conditions in relation to trees were made. Work is currently ongoing at this site.

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