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Natural advice to successfully manage your land

We help minimise the risk to users of your land, form plans to improve ecology and advise construction companies how to work safely around your site. Ultimately, we find the best value solution for managing those risks while fulfilling your ‘duty of care’ and enhancing the natural environment.

We work with our clients to optimise their natural infrastructure. We help land owners and managers minimise the risk to users of their land, form plans to improve ecology and advise construction companies how to work safely around their site. After taking the time to understand your needs we use the latest techniques to record and assess the trees and ecology on your site. Then, drawing on our in-depth experience, we help find the best way forward for you, your customers and the nature on your land and property.

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We provide the natural advice you need to successfully balance commercial, environmental and human needs, naturally increasing the true value of your land or property.


Our analysis services cover a range of surveys, audits and assessments & as such our skilled team use the latest techniques to quickly and efficiently gather the detailed, usable data you need to progress your project.


  • Ecological Assessments (PEA/ EcIA / BREEAM)

  • Protected Species surveys & Mitigation

  • Ecological Management


  • Trees & Development

  • Tree Law & Legislation

  • Tree Risk Assessment


  • Topographical Surveys

  • Building Surveys

  • Construction & Setout Surveys


Our advice services include method statements, policy creation and consultation support. We build on the detailed analysis and use our in-depth experience to provide insightful recommendations and innovative solutions that will allow you to make the most of the natural assets.


  • Protected Species Mitigation

  • Ecological Management

  • Habitat Creation


  • Trees Constraints & Oppotunities

  • Tree Policies & Strategies

  • Health & Safety


  • Below Ground UnUtility Surveys

  • Highway Surveys