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Matt Wall ACIEEM

Senior Ecologist


017879 459 458


Matt is an ecological consultant with six years of professional experience in ecological consultancy and a background in residential, mineral and waste planning applications. He has a comprehensive understanding of planning policy and legislative frameworks which need to be addressed in respect of ecology. Matt has considerable experience with great crested newts, bats, reptiles, badgers and other protected species.

  • Bsc (Hons) Ecology

  • Msc Ecology

  • Natural England Class 2 Bat license

  • Class 1 GCN license

  • Associate member of CIEEM

  • Level 4 NVQ Field Identification Skills Certificate


Wharton 101

  • As a keen botanist, he's often seen out with his trusty hand lens.

  • Interest in protected species started early

  • His favourite kids TV programme was Goosebumps

  • Give him a Guinness...he's then a happy chappy

  • Can whip up a variety of healthy lunches featuring avocado

  • Keeps his bat detector in a vintage 50's Batman & Robin lunch tin

  • Trains in jiu jitsu and kickboxing so no-one tries it on with him in the office

  • Spends his free time volunteering with local conservation groups