Brand & Website Launch

Brand & Website Launch

Naturally growing... our new services & website are launched

A new approach, new concept and new services. Introducing Wharton Natural Infrastructure Consultants #WhartonNIC -

At Wharton’s, we create a future where we live in balance with, and connected to, nature by increasing our understanding of natural infrastructure and guiding its enhancement in the places we live, play and work. 

Leading the way as a natural-infrastructure consultancy, we provide analysis and advice to successfully plan, develop and manage land and property. 


Over the past 6 months as we move into the company’s 10th year of business, we decided to undertake a process of identity: something that many small businesses may give little importance to. This process has the ability to go in one of two ways in terms of success, but in essence provides complete honesty and transparency to the company’s employees and most importantly to those people and organisations we collaborate with. 

Working with rbl brand agency, based in Leamington Spa, we undertook an internal and external audit of the company: going up and down the hierarchy of the variety of companies we work with regardless of how big or small they may be. We did this to gain full staff engagement and to make certain that our clients are getting the results they want.

To ensure that the essence of the company is defined and evolves during our period of growth, it is important to review what the company (and from a personal standpoint, I as the Director) can do better. How can we enhance our customer relationships and experience? How can we exceed their expectations? What impact does this have on the team and how will they be motivated by this?

The Results

So what did I and the company learn from this experience? Internally we have a completely honest team, who all have a voice within the respective areas of the business and who believe in making the impossible possible. Every team member has been able to individually and collectively discuss the good, the bad and the ugly, from management styles through to the day-to-day work. 

Externally, rbl interviewed many of those people and companies that we work with. A part of the process that I would challenge any company to do as it’s a push well out of the comfort zone, yet where some of the best learning can take place. Some of the findings we revealed are illustrated below:

  • Our partner in delivering planning consent. (Client A) 
  • They make it happen, they find a solution. (Client B)  
  • Their reports are easy to use (Client C) 
  • Technical ability and professional judgement (Client D) 
  • The right advice for the site. (Client E)
  • The personal touch & never daunted by the scale of the challenge (Client F)
  • Expand services, but don’t dilute the core offer. (Client G)

Following the individual internal and external meetings, we sat down as a group to collectively define the company’s mission, culture and core values. This was an essential collaborative approach in itself, which helped to forge an even stronger company culture. Subsequently, we now have the following company values which set out the blueprint for every project as well as internal and external communication we engage in.


Honesty sits at the heart of what we do both professionally and personally. This comes naturally to everyone who works at Wharton, and flows into the advice we provide.


We work collaboratively with our clients, project teams and stakeholders, establishing opportunities to naturally improve the value of the site.


Our proven track record shows that our professional approach successfully strikes a balance between commercial, environmental and human needs.


Our naturally positive attitude creates an enjoyable working environment that fuels our innovative approach in delivering practical solutions.

What now?

The feedback gained from both customers and employees is only useful if the results are implemented. The team want to see the company naturally and organically develop in terms of size, project type and placement within the immediate industry. Our customers want us to be able to resource their projects quickly and efficiently and without delay. They also want us to expand our core services, enhance what we offer them and their respective clients.

Consequently, as a result of everything we've learnt during our recent experience, we have evolved as a company and are pleased to announce our revised and complete range of services for land, tree and ecology, including topographical surveys.  Why not see for yourself on our re-branded, easier to navigate website:, launched today!

In short, we provide the natural advice you need to successfully balance commercial, environmental and human needs; naturally increasing the true value of your land or property. 

We are your Natural Advisers.