From Tiny Acorns Grow Mighty Oaks

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Exactly 10 years ago, virtually to the day, I decided to set up a family-run arboricultural consultancy company. It was to be a company to provide a steady income stream for my wife, children and me. 

Fast forward through the years and my attitude to business has progressed, my ambition and what I want from life have all significantly changed, and with this the company strategy and structure has had to evolve.  

Over time, as a business develops and expands it can be very easy to lose sight of why you started and what your core values are. As a result, it has been very important to employ new staff with similar values. 

Peter Wharton - Director
WNIC Values

The team at Wharton Natural Infrastructure Consultants Ltd (WNIC) are definitely not tree-huggers. We believe there’s a fine balance between appropriate tree retention and the need for development. It’s not about enabling old trees to be removed to make way for a new development and re-planting in a new area. 

We are realists though and sometimes a tree does have to go. Wherever possible we will mitigate the impact of development, finding a solution that has minimal impact on the trees and ecology of the site.

We want to change the way trees and ecology are viewed in planning terms; rather than it being a box to tick or a problem to overcome. We turn natural constraints into exciting opportunities: achieving planning success and improving quality of life - allowing nature to thrive.

Never before have we been more aware of our natural environment – and Wharton is leading the charge in changing the way planners, developers and landowners approach the need for better green spaces. 

Furthermore, there’s a growing realisation about the important role trees play in our urban as well as rural environment. Trees absorb pollutants with measurable benefits to people’s health as well as providing other economic, environmental and social benefits, such as more productive employees, personal wellbeing and boost property values.  Wharton is the consultancy that provides the necessary tree and ecology advice to achieve the above as well reduce costly time delays and gain planning success.

Today, only part way through a great journey as a company, I can honestly say it's exciting. I’m privileged to employ an amazing team of consultants with vast experience in many different areas of expertise. The principle thing that this journey has taught me, however, is that by sticking to your values, listening to and motivating people to work and work with you, there is a much greater chance of success. 

Wharton Natural Infrastructure Consultants is now seen as a leading tree, ecology and land consultancy, Here’s to the next 10 years!