WNIC now offer Aerial Inspections for Bat Roosts!

WNIC now offer Aerial Inspections for Bat Roosts!

WNIC congratulate Matt Wall on passing his tree climbing and aerial rescue course!

Our senior ecologist Matt Wall recently passed his tree climbing and aerial rescue course following a week of training and assessment at Compton Verney, Warwickshire.

In combination with his Class 2 bat licence and a significant amount of time studying the recent Bat Roosts in Trees book, Matt is now able to undertake aerial inspections for roosting bats.

Whilst potential roost features (PRFs) in trees can be identified from the ground during a field survey (as part of a preliminary ecological appraisal for example), a close-up inspection of the PRF is often required to understand whether it supports appropriate roosting conditions for bats.  This can often be very difficult to properly assess from ground-level.


The aerial inspection enables the ecologist to make a far more accurate assessment of the suitability of the potential roost feature to support roosting bats (in accordance with Good Survey Guidelines) in far more detail than can be attained form a ground-level assessment. This allows the ecologist to make appropriate recommendations for any further surveys/inspections needed, such as to inform an impact assessment at a later stage, or indeed to rule out the need for further inspection altogether.

For more information or to request a quote for aerial inspections please get in touch with Matt directly via email at matt@wnic.co.uk