Top of the tree - Sam Hobson

Top of the tree - Sam Hobson

Top of the tree

Sam Hobson

This month's 'Meet the Team' feature focuses on our Macclesfield based Arboricultural Consultant, Sam Hobson BSc(Hons) MArborA.  We sat down and asked him a few questions….


What do you like the most about your job?

I really enjoy the range of different projects that I get to work on, along with the variety of clients that I have the opportunity to work with. Every week is a totally different week to the one before: One week I could be working on site development, the next focusing on legal matters. This variety keeps the job interesting and who could ask for more with having an office ‘outside’ when the weather’s good?! 

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What do you like the least about your job?

I have to say that I don’t enjoy the administrative side of work so much! However, I appreciate it is an essential part of the business!  Suffering from freezing cold hands during the winter months comes as part of the job when working outside and I’m yet to find the perfect pair of gloves.


Why do you like working for WNIC?

We have a great team environment in the company which I feel is reflected in the work that we deliver.  Within the company as consultants we are encouraged to put forward our ideas and wishes for the business and have the opportunity to take ownership of and deliver these ideas where possible.  This ultimately shapes the company’s operation and culture. It has always been the case that the company fully supports us in our professional development, encouraging us as consultants to always seek out opportunities and progress within our professional bodies.

On a less serious side, the whole team often find an excuse to meet up in a pub or restaurant, to relax, enjoy good food and drink. We also have some excellent team days out, celebrating company successes. These almost always involve adrenaline of some form!  


What benefits does a client gain by working with WNIC?

One of the main benefits to our clients is the range of expertise we as a team can offer. We are not afraid to think outside the box and always work collaboratively within a project team to deliver the best result for our client. Having confidence in our approach means we offer advice which clients can trust. This is vital when working on any project and helps prevent delays or confusion during the design or consultation process.  

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What do you do outside of work?

I’ve recently bought a house, so most of my spare time is taken up by doing a lot of DIY (or attempting to!).  I also enjoy rock climbing and mountain-biking which helps me find excuses to travel when possible, most recently climbing in Fontainebleau, France. 

I generally enjoy being outside - a passion that I try and share with my family, so we like to get outside climbing, riding bikes and generally having fun. Since moving our favourite family spot has to be the Goyt Valley, in the Peak District.

It also goes without saying, that I enjoy all things food and drink, especially barbeques at this time of year and good wine!

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What do you want to do next?

Having recently moved house and set up the second office for WNIC in Macclesfield, my immediate focus is with establishing the office and building relationships with our new clients.  I’m working towards becoming a Chartered Arboriculturist, and want to continue to develop my knowledge and experience at every opportunity once I’ve achieved chartered status. I do enjoy and find great interest in large scale master planning projects with particular focus on woodland, landscape, and green infrastructure creation, particularly the social elements of how this benefits the end user, and I enjoy the consultation process. I hope that I can help develop this specialism further within the company.