• Reptiles in the UK are protected under legislation and two species, the sand lizard and smooth snake are afforded protection under European legislation. The potential presence of reptiles are a material consideration in the planning process and their presence (or likely absence) must be established prior to the determination of the planning application

  • Reptile surveys involve laying suitable artificial refuges on site where reptiles will bask under and checking these refuges on several occasions to check for the presence of reptiles.

  • If no reptiles are found, we will produce a report detailing this which can be submitted with the application to the planning authority. Usually no further works are subsequently recommended.

  • If reptiles are present, we will continue surveys until an estimate of the population size can be reliably understood; this information will feed in to an appropriate mitigation strategy which will be submitted with the planning application.

  • Upon granting of permission on a site with reptiles, a capture and translocation exercise is usually required to ensure sufficient effort is employed to avoid harm to reptiles in line with legislation. Should European protected species be present, a mitigation licence from Natural England will likely be required.

Please refer to our Ecology Survey Calendar for further information on reptile and other protected species surveys.

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