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Sam Hobson

Arboricultural Consultant

South Manchester Office


01625 708 800


Sam's main responsibility in the arboricultural team is surveying and preparing reports for both health and safety and development schemes.  He has successfully delivered a range of development projects including a Paragraph 55 Home and a recent large city centre urban regeneration project. Sam, has extensive experience of Local Authority and estate tree risk management.

  • BSc(Hons) Arb

  • Arboricultural Association Professional Member

  • Lantra Professional Tree Inspection Certificate


 Wharton 101

  • Former motor cross racer

  • Enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing and being outside / camping with his 2 kids

  • Favourite drink(s) – Jamaican Mule (rum & ginger) or CIDER!

  • Knows the words to entire Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtrack

  • If he won the lottery he'd spend it all on a woodland to live in and live off the land!

  • Loves all food, especially cheese!